Press – 2013

Jaroslav M.

In my opinion the event was perfectly organized and executed. Including the selection of the place in beautiful surroundings, warm welcomes and behaviour of the staff, everything was great. From our arrival, through the actual march, all the way to the final ceremony, there is nothing we could complain on. The route was thought through and very logical, so even my colleague’s 10 years old daughter had no problem leading the group. I would also like to compliment on the food, which was very tasty. All in all, we had a great time. Thanks everyone, who had made this happen!

sgt. Juraj H.

Hi, I would like to ask, do you give the medals also to foreign attendees who complete the march?

Reply from Director of March
Hello, the medal is given to everyone, who is registered and successfully completes the route, so even foreigners or civilians. We do not differentiate between attendees from Czech or from abroad. Everyone is welcomed to come.

P. CH.

Dear Director of March Czech Republic … thank You very much for today´s March organization to you and to your staff … yours Airborne veternas from Zlín region (Zlín is name of region in Czech Republic). P. CH.

Hanka K.

Great job done on March organization, thank you! :-)

Boris Z.

Thank you very much for the perfectly organized 3rd Military March, Czech republic. I have not been to the previous events, because I didn’t know about them, and now I wish I did, because it is such a pity. I am sure that I will come again next year.

Milan O. a Jana L.

This year’s march was absolutely great. Perfectly organized, including food, parking, registration, route and execution of the whole event. From my point of view, there was nothing I would complain about. You deserve a big thank you. Keep up the good work!

cpl. R. N.

I see what a big mistake it was not to go this year with my girlfriend, I feel really bad. I will not make this mistake again next year!!!

Pavel O.

Thank you, it was a great reunion, we will definitely come back next year!

Jan Ž.

I have to say, the organization was perfectly executed.

Martin B.

Dear Director
I would like to thank you and everyone, that took part in the organization of the 3rd march. As a proof of the satisfaction, let me tell you, I will definitely attend again next year. Lt. M. B.

Miroslav S.

I would just like to give thanks to all organizers for their great attitude, they were really helpful during the registration and the emailing connected to it. My children and me enjoyed the march very much!

Martin N.

3rd Military March was done great, big thanks to oranizers for great job :-)

Ladislav M.

It is a great, perfectly organized event. I was pleasantly surprised and happy. I would love to come again next year but for more days, with my friends. Thank you!

Nikolaj M.

Hi, I have to say that this year was great as far as organization but also the material side of things. There were almost no glitches, everything was perfect. The accommodation and the food was great even though the weather wasn’t perfect. Last 5-6 km of the route could be marked better, but as it was towards the end so you could „smell“ the way home. I would like to thank everyone for organizing such an event. And I wish you all the best for the future. If I am in good health, I will definitely come again.

Reply from Director of March
Hello, I personally apologize for marking the route last 5-6 kilometers. It is a question of Czech law. Forest´s owner permited March, but not same type of marking the route like other forests owners. That is the reason why you had to follow the route by using map, which was the part of participant´s card.


Thank you for a great experience! It was the first time for me and my wife at such a big march and I was pleasantly surprised. Route, information, organization – perfect, beyond our expectations. Thank you, we will definitely come back next year and we already can’t wait!

Petr Z.

Hello, I don’t understand why there are only positive reviews because it is bit biased. I came with my friends and right at the start, we were asked to pay 40 CZK (approx.1,6 EUR) for the parking. We don’t understand why this was not included in the price of the march since that was not low at all. I have attended several marches so far, so I am not afraid to say that the food at CP6 (may I say the only one) was quite weak. And last but not least, medals in a plastic bags, come on….As far as the route and organization that was ok, but there is still some work to do for next year.

Reply from Director of March
Hi. We do not filter out the negative comments. In regards to your comment I would like to say that in the REGISTRATION site it says, that everyone that registers agrees to the terms and conditions of the march. Therefore if you have read the materials, in the section „PARKING“ it says that the camp will charge 40 CZK for the parking. It is quite usual that camps charge for parking and I am sure you can imagine, how the camp looked like after everyone left, especially the green area where the vehicles were parked. The conditions also state that the food will be available midway (CP6) and what will be part of the snacks provided. Now, we are sure that next year camp will do not want any payment for parking. Your disappointment is therefore also coming from not reading the conditions you agreed to. As far as the medals, we follow the common practice from abroad; the reason for the plastic bag is that the attendees can have sweaty, dirty hands etc. Thank you for the compliments on the route and organization. There is, of course, always room for an improvement, however it is very hard to please everyone.

Rudolf O.

Hi, it was my first tome this year but I was very satisfied. I have given the march as a gift to my brother and he was very happy.


So, 3rd time attending and I will wait for next year again, it was great!

Robert B.

Hi, I have attended again and I have also brought my colleague. The route was definitely more interesting than last year and the rest was great as always. I will definitely come again next year.

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