- Virtual partcipation 1st January – 1st December 2024 (registration started)
- Physical participation 4th May 2024 (in progres)

10 or more kilometres, 20 or more kilometres (km)
Length of routes are rounded to the “whole kilometers”.

Category of participant “A”:
- no age limits in this category = 20 or more kilometres

Category of participant “B”:
child 15 or younger (obligatory adult guardian) = 10 or more kilometres
age 45 and more (with possible guardian) = 10 or more kilometres
- guardian of participant “B” can participate also with medal

- full fee = military medal in box, ribbon and diploma
- only diploma fee = only commemorative diploma
- guardian for free = no awards

The occasion:
In the memory of the end of WWII in Europe

It is possible to use poster´s content only for promotion of the VOJCHOD MILARCH ®, for presentation of MILARCH can be typed additional information into last line of poster (for example – applications for whole group collects “person XY”).

Quality logo VOJCHOD MILARCH ® :
During the events, included in the calendar of events, you can meet with the following versions of the Czech Marching League logos. In all cases logos and their parts are protected by copyright.



Organizing party has the right to change these conditions at any time.