Press – 2012

2nd Military March Czech Republic

master sgt. David – Internationa Police Association - OHS MŘ PČR Brno

I would like to thank the organizing team of the 2nd Military March in Jedovnice. Well managed event that was an awesome experience, even though the weather was not the best. After last year‘ s not that well organized march came unexpected improvement  and 2nd march was an example of perfectly organized mass event. We are definitely coming back next year, hopefully with bigger group.

Pavel Pazdera, march participant, University of Defence,

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To complete the 20km route in such terrain within 7 hours wasn‘ t easy for me. My feet and calves were killing me towards the end, but my will took over to complete the challenge of „ conquering Bastila“. I wanted to proof i am not only an office worker.

Lt. Josef Franc, International Police Association, Czech section, leader in Prostějov

Hi to te organization team of 2nd military march Jedovnice. I have to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this military sports event but also for great managing of the event. Since the beggining, everything was working the way it was supposed to, even the marking of the route. The trip was great, even though the weather tried to play with us, the route was perfect, absolutely no problem. Thank you again and we are looking forward to next year‘ s march

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I have to express my positive feelings for this year‘ s march that was managed, in my opinion, to the last tiniest detail. I noticed quite a few changes, such as fast registration process, drinks and food distribution at the start, etc.
I really enjoyd the check points – the staff was well groomed, in proper clothing and it gave me a feeling of truly military event, not a scout marchJ The route was very interesting, the diploma distribution fast and well oganized – the level of the event is definitely higher again. If someone was complaining, dont take it too seriously. I just felt like there was not as many atendees as last year.

Thanks agan for perfectly organized event!


I have to tip in – it was awesome, thank you for a great event! I can‘ t wait for next year – please see some pictures I took at the march.

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Hello, thank you very much for a beautiful march. I know the weather was not perfect, but it was so well organized. It was a shame that the route didnt have as many sights for photography, but everything else was great. Can‘ t wait for next year.


Looking at the pictures and listening to friends that attended, it must have been a great event. It‘ s a shame there is not more of such marches, at least two per year.

Libor - Military unit 3517 Bechyně, Czech Republic

The 2nd military march was great, everything was well prepared. Let me wish you success for next year.


I have to say it was awesome i will make it my personal tradition. But attending the march in new boots was a suicide. I am afraid I wont be able to walk for next 3 weeks.


Not a single flaw, I am already excited for the 3rd march.


I couln‘ t agree more – beautiful location, perfect organization, parking, registration, food distribution, route marking, simply great.


Awesome event, even the weather worked out in the end. Thanks, David, see you at the 3rd march.


Thank you, Mr. Kachlik for a great time in Jedovnice. Me and my friend enjoyed the 40km very much!

Bohumír (the olddiest participant – year of birth 1947)

M. Kachlik. Thank you. You have my admiration. Perfect organization. You never lost your positive attitude. My wish is to get all 10 medals. Not sure I will be able to do it after getting joint replacements.


It was my first time at the military march, since I could not attent because of a surgery last year. All in all, I have to say that the organization was perfect. Great food, maps, route, marking. Mr. Zizka‘ sopening ceremony was really interesting. I underestimated proper shoes so I ended up with couple of blisters, but I learned my lesson. Kudos to the organization team for perfectly managed event.

Robert – SSHP

Thank you for organizing the second annual military march, it was well worth it. Finally, we have a march in Czech that is comparable to events abroad. I would definitely like to ask for organization of international events – Austria, Netherlands, Italy etc.