History – 2014

4th Military March Czech Republic

2014 Military March took place on the 10th-11th May in Vojensky ujezd Brezina – as known as Military Training Area Vyskov. The start and finish was situated by the Vyskov barracks. The occasion for the march is every year the end of World War II and next year, we will continue the tradition as the march will take place on the weekend of 9th-10th May 2015. Do not hesitate to mark you calendars and keep an eye on our webpage.

This year´s march was organized as a two-day event with the option of attending on Saturday, on Sunday or on both days. We wanted to give more options to our old and new participants, taking in consideration their time arrangments. We had 8 different routes in 2 categories. We had also international participants from Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, USA.

Category “A” was for the participants aged 15 to 50 and Category “B” was for participans younger than 15 and older than 50. Each participant could take company (wife, child, parent etc.) We would like to apologize to anyone that wanted to register on site, as this option was not possible and we announced that 1 week prior to the event.

The weather this year was excellent except Sunday, when it started to mist in the afternoon. All routes above 20 km provided the participants with water bottles. The route profiles were printed on the starting cards together with maps of routes for both days.

Route profiles

profily všech tras II

We are pleased to hear good reviews we have received on the newly introduced “Military Marching Passport”. It allowed the participants to officialy validate the march details – date, route, dress code, bagagge weight, start and finish time. That was done by the march officials that checked all data.

In the finish line, everyone was awarded with the medal and diploma. Three largest groups (registered as a team) were recognized with trophies.

výsledková listina týmy

The heaviest baggage was weighed to sgt. Juraj Hladký, who walked the 30 km route with 21 kg baggge at the start and 20 kg at the finish line. The table below shows the participants of 52 km route with times, baggage weight and uniform. In order to reveal the participant´s names, they had to give consent to us to do so, therefore not everyone who took the 52 km route is listed.


Military March is a proud supporter of a project that aims to build a memorial to Army General Tomáš Sedláček (veteran of WWII and politically persecuted during Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia). We have given 1.120 EUR from this year´s march toward the project realization. By doing so, the project has finally reached the sum needed to build the memorial (picture on the right side).

Did you know that … ?
- The total of 71,75 km of routes were marked with a tape or color;
- We deep clean all the area affected by the march even from the trash not related to the march;
- We remove all tapes and color used for marking the routes within 24 hours;
- The used marking color is harmless and ecologically safe;
- The event was overlooked by 54 staff members;
- The preparation of the march involved 127 persons including suppliers;
- We also employ handicapped people;
- We have obtained/answered/sent 1200 emails;
- The route is monitored by staff that ensures safety and that all rules are followed;
- Unfortunately, every year someone ruins the tapes with the intention to missguide the participants;
- One month after the even the plannning of new march begins.