History – 2015

5th Military March Czech Republic

The 5th annual Military March took place on May 9th 2015 in the city of Brno and its close surroundings. The event was sponsored by the mayor of Brno – Petr Vokřál. The date for next year’s march has been set for May 7th 2016.

Please have a look at the section Press-2015 where you can find various reports, articles, videos and feedback from the participants, including the video from Marcela Alexa shot on the 40k route.

The routes were 11 (family route), 20, 30 and 40km. Those that only accompanied the registered participants were not assigned the registration numbers. We were pleased to welcome the following among the attendees: members of the Czech Army, Police forces, fire fighters, customs officers and others, including members of civilian services. Some participants came from abroad – Austria, Belgium, Croatia , Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden.

The 20 Km route was voted as the best by the participants. They walked via nice forest area, including the Holedna preserve with fallow-dears and wild pigs (in a fenced area).

Those who ordered the refreshments on route could pick up the 1,5l water bottles at a restaurant at Checkpoint 3. The water was stored inside the restaurant to make sure it remains cold and protected from the sun.

The weather was excellent this year. Due to great timing, the rain hasn’t started until late afternoon about 20 minutes after the last participant crossed the finish line.

The participants could pick up their medals in the finish as usual, together with the diploma. The leaders of 3 biggest groups obtained trophies in the “LARGEST GROUP” category. The winning team was „Military secondary school Moravska Trebova“ with 47 members, second place was taken by the group „Adéla“ with 20 members and the group „International Police Association, Czech section, ÚS 223 Prostějov“ ended up third with 19 members.

Fun facts:
The youngest participant was Karolina born in January 2015. She attended the march carried in a wrap by her mom! The oldest member was Mr. Tomas born in 1944. Eighty participants attended for the 5th time, which means they have attended all the annual marches! We saw a lot of participants with baby carriers and strollers. Some of the attendees opted for traditional uniforms. The oldest one was from Austria-Hungary times. The best theme was the uniform of Czechoslovaks in UK during WWII.

Unfortunately, we also had to deal with vandals and other people who for some inexplicable reason have the need to change the route markings made with the custom-made tape. In the past we had to deal with the tape being torn down and destroyed but what was new this year was someone removing the tape and deliberately putting it on new trees and branches trying to create different routes and misguide the participants. Thankfully, most of the participants didn’t fall to this trap. Brno hosts a lot of events every year so it is not uncommon to see other markings in the forests, such as colored papers etc. Please always follow the customs-made tape of the Military march.

Did you know?
- The tape or eco-friendly paint covered 48km of routes;
- We always clean the area of the march from trash and litter left behind by anyone, not only the participants;
- The color used is eco-friendly and non-irritating
- Almost 30% of the people are registered as accompaniment;
- The staff contained 62 people;
- The realization and preparation of the march involved 142 people including suppliers;
- We have received/answered and sent over 2000 emails;
- 2 months after the March the preparation for next year’s march begins.