Every participant who will pay “starting fee with medal” and pass check points of route (marked in march card), will receive in finish a medal in box, ribbon and diploma. The ribbon has a number that stands for the number of completed marches with medal fee, not the annual number of march. It is possible to buy an “extra” ribbon on spot if you will mark your interest in application form.


Types of ribbon:
Types of Ribbons - VOJCHOD MILARCH ®

Number of participation stands for the number of completed marches with medal fee by participant. Participation with diploma or for free is not counted into number of completed marches.

It is possible to record (into VOJCHOD MILARCH ® passport) not only time and the number of kilometers completed, but also type of outfit and weight of the load carried in a backpack (record is not mandatory but optional).

Only physical participation:

The biggest 3 teams registred before XXth April 202X will be announced on our webpage with name in link HISTORY. It is not necessary for the whole team to pass one route together. The organizer will update the list of 3 biggest teams once a week, according to the team name and number of persons registered in it.

1st) “Pěšáci JH” – 20 participants
2nd) “VŠMT” – 16 participants
3rd) ”MIXSY” – 11 participants




Organizing party has the right to change these conditions at any time.