Virtual route

Virtula route of Military March CZ 2024 – conditions

Virtual route is for those, who:
- do not want to miss this year´s participation or do not want to travel
- want to participate in symbolic meaning in order to honor end of WWII

Conditions of registration *: 
- we do accept only registration with delivery address in European Union (EU)
Please download registration form acording to delivery county:
- international registration – delivery address only in EU country (.xls)
fill it, save changes and send it as attachement to e-mail: as soon as possible. Number of starting spots is limeted by number of medals
- your payment must be done until 7 days after our response including invoice, when amount of starting fee depends on date of payment
- virtual route is on your choice (where exactly) depending on your age:
- category A participant from 15 to 45 years – minimal length is 20 kilometres
- category B participatns from 0 to 15 years and over 45 years – minimal length is 10 kilometres
- category C is mixed group of people from category A and B – minimal length is 10 kilometres
- we will confirm your registration form and send you payment data
- please do not forget to fill exact post adress in your country in order of succesfull deliver

Double or triple registration:
- are you interested in registration not only for Military March CZ but also for Czech Statehood March or Austerlitz March?
- Please send all registration forms in 1 e-mail together. You will receive 1 payment orders, but medals will be delivered in 1 package. You will also save money for post fee.

Conditions of passing virtual route:
- virtual route must be passed from 1st JAN 2024 until 1st DEC 2024
- when passing virtual route you must make a record of it, using some application that will record at least length of passed route and time. Output from the application must be a picture with passed length (in kilometres) and time. You can use for example – Endomondo, Strava, Runkeeper, Superlife, …
- output (picture) must be send to our e-mail not later than 1st DEC 2024, 23:59 hrs as a proof of passing virtual route
- 1 person registrated = 1 record from application needed for Military March CZ
- group of 2 or more persons = 1 record from application needed for Military March CZ (if group walk together)

Date on diploma and sending of medal:
- regardless of the date when you send us the reccord, all diplomas and medals will be send by mail to given EU address not before end of MAY and after MAY in the end of every month until stocks of medals are exhausted
- after the stocks of medals are exhausted, delivery may take 2-5 months from the proof of completion of the route, at the latest with delivery by the end of 2024
- date on diplomas will be uniform „8. 5. 202X“
- in case of joint packages (+ Czech Statehood March and/or Austerlitz March) one package will be send together after passing all marhes
- in case of your 14th participation – package is not possible before JUN 2024

Marching passport VOJCHOD MILARCH ®:
- your 1st patricipation in VOJCHOD MILARCH ® marches? = you will receive Marching passport VOJCHOD MILARCH ®
- your 2nd or more participation in VOJCHOD MILARCH ® marches? = we will send you white sticker with stamp and you will fill marching data by our self
- please do not send us your Marching passport VOJCHOD MILARCH ® anymore ;-)

Transfer of registration to another person:
- is not possible

Conditions of cancellation of registration and forfeiture of fee:
- if money do not reach our bank account – your registration will be cancelled
- after succesfull payment it is not possible to cancel your registration or transfer your registration (will be charged 100% cancellation fee), no refunds
- if the record of your virtual route is not (will be not) sent until 1st DEC 2024, 23:59 hrs, your registration fee forfeited, no refunds

Postage and packing fee:
- the number of registered persons with a medal is decisive for postage, same as deliver EU country
- depends on official prices of Czech postal office for EU and non EU coutries

Starting fee, postage and packing fee:

* Participant´s rigts and conditions:
By submitting application form, the participant agrees to having their contact details used only by the organizing parties. By submitting registration form participant also agrees with all terms and conditions of the march. At the same time the participant declares that he/she read and understood procedural and security measures. Organizing parties have right to send you info e-mails about actual march or about another marches in future. Any participant can ask for deleting of his/her personal details saved by organizing parties. In this case participant must be aware of absolute deleting of his/her personal details and during next participation will be his/her participation judged as 1st participation. 

Organizing party has the right to change these conditions at any time.