Press – 2014

Lt. Josef F.

Hello to all organizers of the military march, whom I would like to thank for the perfectly organized event on behalf of my group. We have been attending for the past 3 years and we are determined to continue with this tradition. This year`s weather was a nice bonus and we also enjoyed the new routes in Military Training Area. One would never get a chance to see the beautiful nature scenery. The forest roads are much more comfortable to march on and the staff was very helpful. Big thanks to the organizational team and see you next year!

Reply from Director of March
Thank you, very much.

Martin B.

Dear organizer, I would like to thank you a lot for this perfectly organized march. I have taken my whole family with me this year and both of my kids enjoyed it very much. My 4 year old son Ondrej, who managed to walk the whole route on his own feet, was looking forward to the well-deserved medal. I am looking forward to coming back next year!

Reply from Director of March
Thank you very much for your feedback. Every year, I am considering, if it wouldn’t be better to pass the organization stress and issues onto someone younger. However when I am reading all the positive feedback after the march, it fills me with joy and energy for upcoming years and it pushes me to be better, come up with new routes and improvements for the participants to enjoy. It`s not possible to please everyone, but I can guarantee I read all the positive as well as negative feedback personally and I appreciate them all. My motto and the motto of the team is that everything can be improved, no matter how good it is already. I am looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Václav a Marcela V.

Thank you for offering such diverse choice of routes in the beautiful countryside, where everyone could choose what suits him the best regarding his shape. Big thanks to everyone taking part in the organization. Your effort was appreciated by us- participants, but also by our friends who walked with us. We – the older men- could think back to the times of our military service and our women loved the nature scenery. Best of luck for the following years!

Ján L.

It was my first time attending such march in the Czech Republic. The route was well marked and planned through beautiful countryside including the Military Training Area. I went for the 20km route and I should have taken some longer route to enjoy the countryside more. If I’m not mistaken, I was the only member of Recce Slovakia. When I was telling the experience to my colleagues, two of them immediately regretted not to have gone with me, because the last time they were in the Military Training Area was as conscripts and they would love to come back. There will be more of us next year for sure!


I would like to thank you for the perfect organization of the march (even though we got lost past the 2nd Check Point and went in the wrong direction). I will be back next year again. Maybe just a little remark – is it possible to have the kilometers written on the diploma? Just an idea. Thanks once again.

Reply from Director of March
Hello! We had the km shown on the diploma in the 1st-3rd year. However, due to the high amount of changes on spot during registration, when a lot of the participants decided to change the route they will take several times, it was impossible to keep up with the reprints. We have, however, come up with the military passports, where the absolved route is written and the authenticity is confirmed by a stamp.

J. H.

Dear Director,
We are happy we attended the march, it was great! I would like to point out the awesome atmosphere, organization and the security quality. We were pleased by the speed and precision of the staff, high quality of the maps, marching passport and diplomas. We are looking forward to next year, new routes and sceneries. We hope to have more people on our team next year and spend the whole weekend! Best of luck and success at work and at home and with the organization of the next Military March CZ.

Pavel P.

Thank you for this excellent experience! Me and my son (7 y/o) attended for the first time in such a big march (21km route) and we were pleasantly surprised. Marking of the route, route information and the overall support was perfect. We will be back again next year, thanks!

Milan B.

Hi, I would like to thank you for the perfect organization of the march. The marking of the route was well-arranged and sufficient and the check-point staff was friendly and helpful, big thanks go to them as well. I would like to ask, how is it possible that the parameters of the route differ from the reality? The phone GPS (Sports Tracker app) has shown total ascent of 4858 m compared to 1093 m written in the march map. Is such deviation possible or is there a glitch in my GPS? I am attaching the route report, if you have time and are willing to have a look. Thank you very much for the march, once again!

profil od Milana B.

Reply from Director of March
Hi, thank you for the positive feedback, especially on the check-point staff. Some differences in the ascensions are possible. It is most likely due to the method that is used for measuring – Up-hill and Total Up-hill algorithm, when different programs measure final values differently based on the input algorithm. That is visible also in the Route profiles that are identical.

mjr.Honza G.

Dear director, I have attended all the marches in previous years and I would like to express my big thanks for the perfect organization, location choice and the overall arrangement of the march. I have no negative remarks and I wish you and the participants all the best, awesome memories and (if possible) better weather than last year.

Reply from Director of March
Thank you very much for the positive feedback on behalf of the organizational team. It is always nice to read comments from happy participants and pass them onto others that take part in the organization throughout the year. We all hope that the changes made in the past, based on the feedback from the participants, are contributing to the increasing quality of the march. Our goal is to have as many happy participants as possible.

Jakub E.

Hi, thank you for overall great event, I will be back next year.

Mirek R.

Hi, I would like to thank you once again for the 4th year of your march and also big thanks to the organizational team for the event. I was pleasantly surprised by the open and friendly atmosphere among the civilians and military members (especially 40 and 52 km routes). I appreciate the international vibe of your march. It was great to have a chat over a beer with German marines or with members of the elite Austrian Gebirgsjägers. Their feedback was positive as well.

Reply from Director of March
Hi, thank you for the compliment.


Another march behind me! Thank you, David, for another great march, I wish you all the best for the next ones. It’s been my fourth march and it was great, as always.

Reply from Director of March
No problem, I am glad, you liked it ;-)